Best Outdoor Furniture Covers

Best covers for outdoor furniture

How lovely it will look to have tea sitting in your patio. Beautiful furniture could be arranged for your comfortand to add beauty to the patio. Open air places have their own charm.But, the furniture will need to be protected from the weather every now and then. The weather keeps changing. The furniture could get … Read more

Best Markers for a Furniture Touch Up

Best markers for a furniture touch up

Wood tends to get scratches. And certain products that take care of the wood like touch up repair kits and polishes handle surface scuffing and scratches very well. In order to ensure that your furniture looks good throughout, you will need to reuse these products often or from time to time. Though one application lasts … Read more

7 Tips to Lighten Up Your Home

7 Tips to Lighten Up Your Home

1. Outside of the Windows Need your Attention too To allow as much of natural daylight in your room, trim the adjacent, trees, bushes and plants. Also keep your windowsills clutter free. 2. Windows Should be Kept Grime and Dust free Clean windows allow more of natural light to come in as compared to windows … Read more

7 Tips to Lighten Up Your Living Room

7 Tips to Lighten Up Your Living Room

No one likes to live in the dark. Even the universe has the moon and the stars to provide some light once the sun sets. The lesser the presence of light the more gloomy the mind will be. All rooms don’t get filled with bright natural light. There are rooms that have windows high-up the … Read more

Best Spray Mops


Spray mops are considered to be time savers when it comes to cleaning. You get a variety of spray mops in the market today either with disposable cleaning pads or reusable and durable cleaning pads. Listed below are 4 well-known brand spray mops. O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop Design O-Cedar spray mop is best … Read more

Best Mops for Laminated Floor


Laminated flooring is the best alternative for hardwood flooring. It costs way cheaper and it is also easy to maintain. By using a simple mop and warm water, this flooring can be squeaky clean. Listed below are 4 mops which can be used for mopping the floor. Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Premium Spray … Read more

Best Lint Remover


As much as we all love our dear pets, the fact remains that the hair they shed can make its way on just about any surface. More so, on our clothes and furniture upholstry. Besides pet hair, over passage of time, fabrics tend to collect dust, bobble and pill. The fuzz thus created, gives an … Read more

Best Painters Tape


Painter’s tape is made out of a thin paper that is easily torn. It has a pressure-sensitive adhesive that is easily released when burnished. It is primarily used during painting, in order to cover the areas that are not to be painted. Painters tape is available in many lengths and widths, so you can get … Read more

Using A Steam Mop On Various Types Of Floors In Your House


Wooden floors : Steam mops are best for wooden floors as there will be no streaky residue left on the floors. But all this is good only if the floors do not have any waxed surface. One should be careful not to mop vigorously, especially in uneven and older floorboards. There could be a risk … Read more

How To Use A Steam Mop


Many households have started using steam mops for cleaning hard floors. Steam mops don’t require you to bend down on your knees for cleaning the floors. These mops have revolutionized household cleaning. These mops have a lot of advantages. Here in this article, you will learn how to use a steam mop and how to … Read more